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Week 12 MPB Community Memo - November 22-26

Please see the Week 12 Community Memo that was sent out to families highlighting this week's Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week - "Be Kind to Others".

Week 11 MPB Community Memo- November 15-19

Please see the weekly memo for Monsignor Paul Baxter Catholic School. Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, V. Nicoletti

MPB Remembrance Day Service

Please join us in remembering today. Thank you to our Grade 3 Team for putting this service together!

MPB Remembrance Day Service

Blessings, Mrs. Nicoletti

First Day Procedures and MPB Parent Handbook

First Day Procedures

Good afternoon MPB Families,

Here is one last note to help ensure a smooth transition back to school on Tuesday! We can’t wait to welcome our students back! This update has been added to the MPB Parent Handbook and includes visuals to help!

Start of School

The first day of school for all grade 1 - 6 students and returning Kindergarten students will be Tuesday, September 7th.

All new to Kindergarten (first year or second year) students have had or will have an orientation visit and staggered entry to school during the week of September 7th - 10th. Those families have received a separate email regarding their orientation visit and the start date for their child.

To assist with contact tracing (and to reduce the possibility of transmission), the students will be grouped as cohorts again this year. We will continue to use our playground “zones” this year during recess. Currently, masks will not be mandatory outdoors at recess, providing we stay in cohorts and 2m apart. However, this could change at any time.

First Day

  • All homeroom teachers will be in the yard for the first morning. Homeroom teachers will have class lists posted outside along the classroom wall.

  • Students will arrive from 8:55 - 9:10 am, through their designated path/ entrance way.

Junior & Primary students: enter from the gate near the park

Kindergarten students: enter at the Kindergarten gate by the parking lot.

  • Students will begin lining up in their class, distanced and masked.

  • All students are asked to wear masks for the morning entry to the school and yard until they can be organized into their classrooms

  • Parents are not allowed into the yard

  • When students arrive in the yard they will be directed to their area, and line up with their teacher, socially distanced. There are many educators available to help. They will be wearing vests.

Grade 6 Class Lists will be closest to the Junior Doors, followed by Grade 5, 4. Primary classes (Grade 1,2,3) will be closer to the Primary doors. Lists will be posted on chart paper to help them. Kindergartners will gather in the Kindergarten Area closest to the parking lot. All staff is there to help your children find their way!

  • Inclement Plan:

Junior would go straight to junior classrooms, lists posted outside classrooms

Primary will go to the gym and meet up with their teachers

Here are additional visuals to help you understand the Kindergarten and Kiss and Ride Drop offs.

MPB Kinder Drop-Off

MPB Kiss & Ride

MPB Parent Handbook (Includes dismissal procedures)

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday! Have a safe and restful long weekend!


Mrs. Nicoletti


A welcome message to the 2021-22 School Year

Sent out on School Messenger August 27th, 2021

Good afternoon MPB Families,

I would like to take an opportunity to welcome any new students and families to our wonderful MPB community, on behalf of all of our staff. I am thrilled to be part of MPB as your new Principal and look forward to meeting everyone and welcoming all of our staff and students back for our 2021-22 school year.

Our first day of school for returning SK to Grade 6 students is Tuesday September 7th, and our amazing MPB staff is working hard to ensure we will be ready to welcome and support your child(ren). I will be sending more information in the next week, to inform you of our protocols and procedures for the coming school year, including first day procedures, covid safety protocols, morning and end of day procedures, school protocols (i.e., recesses and lunches), as well as other helpful start up information. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepare. In the meantime, I wanted to assure you that there was a plan in place.

Kindergarten Orientation and Gradual Entry for Year 1 (JK) and 2 (SK) Students -2021/2022

The staggered start will ensure a successful school entry for new kindergarten students. It is expected that students (and their parents) will feel anxious or nervous about their first day. Your child’s team of educators will be communicating with you next week to share information about the transition to school process, our orientation and gradual entry for Kindergarten. It will look a little differently this year since some Kindergarten students have never been inside the building of the school yet - even if they are in second year Kindergarten.

Our school team will communicate your scheduled orientation visit, that is an opportunity to meet your child’s educators virtually or outdoors. As per OPH protocols, visitors/ parents are not allowed to enter the school building at this time. An in-person outdoor meeting will allow children to have a quick visit to their new school & classroom during this orientation, and then they return home for the day with their parents. Orientation Meetings will be scheduled Tuesday Sept 7th - Thursday, Sept. 9th. Teachers will offer some appointments on Friday, September 3rd, as needed. Your child’s teacher will communicate your scheduled orientation visit time, start date and group number (1,2,3), only if they are new to JK or in SK and new to MPB (e.g., attended the Virtual Academy last school year)

Staggered Start Dates Schedule:

Friday Sept 3rd, 2021: Scheduled Orientation meetings

Tuesday Sept. 7th, 2021 : First Day of classes for returning kindergarten and Grades 1-6 Students; Orientation meetings

Wednesday Sept.8th, 2021: Group 1 Students begin attending; Orientation Meetings

Thursday Sept. 9th, 2021: Group 2 Students begin attending; Orientation Meetings

Friday Sept. 10th, 2021: ALL students, Year 1 (JK) and Year 2 (SK) are in class; Group 3 students begin attending

Our wonderful staff and I will work with you and your children to support a smooth transition. We will do everything we can to engage your children here at MPB to make learning meaningful and fun! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions. Have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless,

Vincenza Nicoletti,

MPB Principal

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