Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week @ MPB

posted Nov 18, 2019, 8:50 AM by Mark Kennedy

Much happening!

Week of Nov.18th to 22nd:  Our Theme: KINDNESS VS BULLYING!

MPB Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week Activities :


-How to report bullying at MPB? Click here for the form! Copies are the office for all students to access. And, a Bullying Reporting Box is at the office as well. Drop off your form there. Can be done anonymously or not. 

-Acts of Kindness: witness someone being kind? Write it up, drop it off at the office in our Kindness box and we’ll read it on Radio MPB!

-Each morning on Radio MPB: kindness songs on our P.Aa system! 

-A Wall Size Collaboration Puzzle! Each class gets a big puzzle piece to decorate! 

-Friday, Nov. 22nd: Wear blue or Pink Day to stand up against bullying!  

-Assemblies about bullying prevention: Monday: primary students, Tuesday: junior students Wednesday: Kinder students! Where can you get a form? What is bullying? What must we do?

-Daily Bullying Facts by Mr Kennedy on Radio MPB!