Advent Fundraiser

posted Nov 28, 2014, 5:56 AM by Shelly Lyonnais
Our Advent fundraiser is back again to raise money to purchase Christmas gifts for our sister school.  This year begins with loonie days, today (November 28th) we will be dressing backwards, inside out and upside down!  On December 5th we will see who has the most Christmas spirit as we dress up as Christmas.  Marshmallow snowmen will be sold all of next week for $2 each.  We are once again collecting Canadian Tire money to help offset the cost of the gifts, this can be sent to school until December 5th.  

As always there will be incentives... who remembers the silly string from last year?!  The first incentive is a school wide bingo game if we hit $1000 raised, the second is a Minute To Win It game (students vs teachers) at $1500 and there will be a surprise incentive if we reach $2000.  Keep an eye on the thermometer in the front hall to see how much money has been raised!

Thank you for your support!